Life is Unfair and Other Life Lessons Worth Sharing

It's been a year since I made that pivotal decision of moving to Cebu to start a new life. Of all the things I experienced in my first 12 months here, I gotta say these 3 lessons struck me the most: (And no, I still don't fancy Lechon).

Startin anew is tough, but it's gonna be worth it
Imagine the horror I felt seeing the condition of the place I'm supposed to be 'dwelling' for my tenure in the Queen city of the South. There's no bed, no seats, no chairs - just emptiness reminiscent of World War II or a flop concert. That's why it was so cheap!

My initial reaction was to go back to Iloilo City asap and pretend my resignation with my former company didn't happen and I was just too drunk that day (and I don't even drink, mind you). But I didn't. 

I cleared my mind, mustered every positive vibes I could get from that <too foul for the public> room. Also, I reminded myself I can't give up - I ain't givin them haters their damn satisfaction. I waited for my first salary and two weeks later I transferred to a much much better place.

Looking back, I realized startin anew from a disappointing life and a disappointing career takes courage and faith. I nearly lost my head (well, not literally) in the process if it weren't for these two. I am a much stronger person now.

Be Yourself is the Worst Advice Ever - at least in the first 2 months
I wouldn't have had this breezy peaceful and zero enemy lifestyle in Cebu if I was being myself on the first day of office. Looks can be very deceiving; beneath the seemingly innocent exterior lies Lord Voldemort's missing nephew, hungry. That's me. Kidding aside, as the new guy, I observed the people and who rule the existing cliques. I gave them the respect not because I was afraid or something, but because I exactly know how it feels to have my territory disrespected by some newbie.

Rule #1 for new comers: Identify and respect the beasts and the territories they prowl but don't lose your stance.

Fortunately, these people are neither of a beast or Max Alvarado material - after two months of testing personalities and mood swings, I was gradually being myself surrounded by the friendliest of people. My eccentric, quirky, and loud self tasted the air again - and no one would mind because I've given them their acknowledgment first.  

Life is an Ocean - but don't go looking for Nemo
It's OK if you're contented with your life right now. Have fun, people! What's not OK is to endure the bad situation you're in right now thinking it's the end of life for you. After I part ways with my company of 5 years, I thought there's nothing left for me in my hometown. I tried other jobs only to find out the spark has gone. After all, I've invested too much in my career that startin' again in the same place was too much.

I woke up one horrible morning thinking maybe I should change environment. Cebu came to my mind, and the rest was history. Life here in Cebu opened to me like a door to your favorite room after a hard day's awkward socialization at the family reunion: 
  • Learned loads of new exciting stuff
  • Met incredible people
  • Tasted new cuisines
  • Travelled to amazing destinations
  • Pocketed a much better salary 

I should have done these earlier!