Fitness, Life, Instagram, and Career: This Week's 4 Subjects Worth Preachin'

What's up my avid blog followers?

* cricket sound/distant neighbor screaming

While my once a week blog posting has become an embarrassment to my once thriving 4 posts a week frequency, I gotta say maintaining a blog can be SO challenging. I mean, I could just write a 300 word piece about stuff and put big images with it, but my personal taste couldn't just stomach the blog-for-blogging's-sake approach. 

And so, a sudden idea came to me while I was waging a losing war with the God of Sleep, Morpheus himself, during a particularly zesty day at work. I call it the Preach Corner, and yes, it's going to be all about me trashing, whining, and of course preaching to anything my despicable mind comes up with. To give you a taste of what I'm talking about, here's a debut post of my newest blog venture, Preach Corner:

Eat Clean, Train Dirty
Like every newbie who braved the horrors of fat loss and muscle building, I was searching for that one trick to fasten results when I was starting. Of all the data I researched, workout-is-10%-and-diet-is-90% always infuriated me. I lift weights, do cardio more than a desert pony could ever hope of accomplishing, and swim at least 2 times a week. So why I needed to abide with diet's ruthless law?

Since becoming a pescetarian 4 months ago, I kinda get what those countless weight loss articles are talking about. When my diet improved (I don't eat excessively anymore, I tamed carbs, eliminated meat, and sworn off burgers and fizzy drinks), weight loss became easy and sustainable.

Makes Me Really Think
Reading has become a staple in my daily routine. Witty articles with GIFs and summarized world news usually start my day: While the Obama administration's inaction to the war (and the lives torn everyday) in Syria irked the hell out of me, Kanye Wests and Kim Kardashian's baby name (North West. Yes, it sounded like a bullet train's itinerary) caused me to actually re-read the name and sigh in disbelief. 

But what made me really think and celebrate my essence as a free human being is stumbling upon It's about life's curious little maneuvers and how we react to these. These are some of the entries:

Today, my taxi driver waited at the train station with me free of charge, with his headlights pointing in my direction, until my train arrived 10 minutes after we arrived, because in his words, “It’s not safe for a young lady to be standing here at night all alone.”

Today, my dad’s mistress, who my mom and I had never even heard about, showed up at his funeral.

Today, my teacher caught me looking at the scars on my wrists. She bent down next to me and said, “We grow stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.”

Today, I woke up from an afternoon nap on my 88-year-old mom’s couch to find out that while we were both napping together, she passed away peacefully next to me in her sleep.

Incognito Mode on Instagram
I dunno if my friends noticed but my FaceBook sharing as of late comprises of article and picture posts. Not the usual statuses and the feisty engagement that kinda made me one of the most active FB users since 2010. Well, where have I been hiding to all this time? I'm afraid the answer is Instagram. One of the life-changing reasons I opted for an iPhone with a carrier plan is to effortlessly publish my captures to Instagram which I connected with Twitter and FaceBook (after 3 weeks I discontinued connecting it with FB because I'm flooding my friend's with so many random shots - I know it's annoying).

I really like Instagram not because of the artsy filters or the easy share/discover buttons. I like it because posting pics in it feels like celebrating freedom, liberty, and artistry. Though I refuse to be one of the 5 types of guys on Instagram:

No one will condemn you for posting beyond the normal number of images in your feed - your contact can always unfollow you without your other friends wondering and snooping around (which is prevalent in FB). If you appreciate the small things in life like the trees, clouds, the sea (and occasionally torso and selfie shots) then you're welcome to spot the leopard.

Stuck Career
Like Dads panicking everywhere as they reach their 40s (hello mid-life crisis), I was feeling like a 42 year old widower left with 13 crying children trying to recapture the spark that once lit my career beacon guiding me in the sea of corporate hurdles. I'm not sure when it started but I just woke up one gloomy morning not wanting to leave my bed and my precious teddy bear.

I have a great team and all, don't get me wrong (we travel twice a month and celebrate birthdays with overflowing food). Not even that bad performance evaluation review could dampen my spirit. I dunno what was happening to me. 
What I'm feeling right now is what they call in mental wards as soul stagnation - a symptom so serious that if not treated soon will cause for the annihilation of free speech in the Philippines and the demise of the straight jacket manufacturing industry. I tried to let the feeling pass as I've experienced this before (I think all corporate slaves feel this once in their corporate slave lives). I took a vacation, attended several feeding programs, taught a seal a few tricks, etc, but the feeling lingers. Am I seeing the printer that would regurgitate that dreaded letter? I hope not.

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