Dinosaurs and the Paleontologist Dream

Even before I realized I was misspelling dinosaurs with 'dynasours' back in high school, the fascination with these gigantic lizards was instantaneous the moment Dr. Alan Grant, open-mouthed, saw the gigantic sauropod in Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park is one of the best films of all time.

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While most people would agree Jurassic Park is catchy as hell, one should point out the creators' confusion  in the titling department: as far as I’m concerned (with the exception of the heavily-plated Stegosaurus), all the dinosaurs shown in the movie are from the Cretacious Period, not in the Jurassic era.

Triassic (small dinos) - 252 to 201 Million years ago
Jurassic (big dinos) - 201 to 145 Million years ago
Cretacious (humongous dinos) - 145 to 65 Million years ago

I used to pester my Religion teacher with this question: "What day in Genesis were the dinosaurs created?"

I remember she said they were created on the same day all the animals were created.

And then I get to my next question which is, "If so, why there are no descriptions of them?"

She's dead now. Bless her soul.

Literally, there are countless dead dinosaurs out there and picking favorites would be hard - but I'll give it a try though: here are 4 of my favorite dinosaurs and how they've made impact to my mongoloid existence.

When I was bracing the impact of stressful rotating shifts in my first job and got so thin, the first thing people noticed was how long my neck had become. "Yeah, I look like a Sauropod, I know."

I thought that may have sounded cool but I realized none but me knew what the hell a Sauropod is.

I should have said "Yeah, I look like Little Foot from the Land Before Time, I know."

Remember Power Rangers less their ridiculous routine formation?

I always liked the blue ranger because he's smarter than the team leader and he's got the Triceratops as his dinosaur.

I dunno about you but I like horns and bad attitude more than sharp teeth and loud mouths.

It's very rare that two of my favorite things (the color blue and Triceratops) are packed in one manageable character!

Velociraptors are the cheetahs of the modern day.

As I consistently promote speed as the most important skill every mundane living creature should possess in my blog posts, it should not come as a surprise why Velociraptors made it to this list.

They're also very smart, so I guess they're triple threats now? Speedy, smart, and kickass.

Anything with velocity in their name deserves a plaque of appreciation for constantly proving the world, that in real battle, strength is useless without speed, but speed could thrive with minimal strength.

Disagreeing? See Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptors.


Regardless of them having the smallest brain of all dinosaurs, their spiny repertoire of defense makes them so irresistible I have to draw and share my fascination of them: (see image above).

Unearthing dinosaur bones and living on donations from various organizations seemed unstable for a career.

To me, it would be the happiest job there is.

As soon as I've learned how to steal candies from the sari-sari store, I knew there's no other career for me than being a paleontologist.
Of course, similar to many kids' rude awakening from Neverland or the chocolate factory, I quickly realized the dream to be impossible for me to make a reality at this rate.

For me to become a full-fledged Paleontologist, I would have to make amends with my estranged relatives, Math and Science, go to the US, and squirm my way to landing a spot in one of these institutions: University of Kansas, University of Wyoming, University of Texas, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Harvard, etc.

And to make matters worse, here's the general checklist for those who dare to dream the Paleontology dream:

From The Complete University Guide.co.uk

Entry requirements for paleontology courses vary between institutions so it is best to check with them first about the kind of grades and qualifications that you will need before submitting the application form.

A general guide is listed below:

    UCAS Tariff: 220-320 points including 2 relevant science subjects
    A-levels: BBC-AAA including 2 relevant science subjects
    SQA Highers: BBBBB-AABBB including 2 relevant science subjects
    SQA Advanced Highers: BCC-AAA including 2 relevant science subjects
    BTEC National Diploma: MMM-DDM in a relevant science subject
    Irish Leaving Certificates: BCCC including 2 relevant science subjects
    International Baccalaureate: 24-38 points including relevant science subjects
    European Baccalaureate: 62-75% including relevant science subjects

Me seeing the checklist:
I've long given up that foolish childhood dream and moved on to my new love, which is digital marketing.

Though my heart still rise, like it's always been 2 decades ago, every time I reminisce a kid's longing to be a Paleontologist when he grows up.

Someday, my kids will live that dream.