What Does the Fox Say?

As of writing, The Fox has climbed Billboard Hot 100's den at #6.

While the word 'novelty' comes to mind upon hearing the song's inaudible chorus, the band's indie-meets-techno sound has made it so polarizing the audience will either really really love it or totally ignore it.

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So far, the charts have been showing it love.

Is it the new Gangnam Style with its synchronized choreography and ridiculous yet catchy chorus?

Or David Guetta, in secrecy, produced new materials for the new New Radicals and brought this delicate fusion of alternative rock and electronic dance music to Concorde Records?

After my initial listen, instead of criticizing the song's nonsense lyrics, a thought came to me: What does the fox really sound like?

Yes, I know the cow moo and the neighbor's fat cat meows, but nobody really took notice of what the fox's sound is.

Thanks to the song, we now know.

For that, I can't be mad at it.

Here are 3 more whys:

The Fox is Catchy as Hell
Notwithstanding its kindergarten rhymes, the song starts like your typical pop song until it explodes in that chorus no one will be ready for.

The first sound (ting-ting-ting) would make any one jump from their sleep like someone hit the fire alarm as a prank, while the second fox sound (pa-pa-pa-pa-pow) gets the garage band scream with glee jamming to the song.

I mean, anyone could just sing the chorus.

Yes, even the nuns. Suddenly, making animal sounds in public has never been this cool.

On the other hand, I could see angst-y teenagers using the What the Fox Say line as an excuse every time their cursing (WTF) gets called out: "I'm singing, duh!"

Such universal impact.

Eventually, the fox has become an addition to my ever-growing list of closet songs.
Closet song, band, movie, etc. - Any media you don't wanna share with your friends but shared with your gf/bf.

The Fox is Educational
We're forever fascinated by our animal friends. Remember those days when, as toddlers, we're taught to count numbers or memorize facts by employing animal names?

Don't be surprised to see your Aunt or neighbor letting their children watch MTV these days: The Fox is on heavy rotation.

Although don't expect them to do the silly fox sound when the kids ask them after the commercial cue.

These moms won't stand it.

Aside from educating the little ones with animal linguistics, the song also offers something for them to ponder as soon as they realize one of the lyrics isn't an animal: Morse code.

Brilliant, is it not?

If you still doubt the educational endorsement of the song, the old man, who looked both silly and legit, reading a book to a young boy on his lap is your cue.

The Fox has a Kickass Music Video
It's the 13th of October and the YouTube count has reached 115 million.

For a music video to go viral, one must capture the essence of being universal.

Ylvis' The Fox has that and by December, Psy's Gentleman choreography will be forgotten like your Valedictorian's graduation speech and The Fox will dominate the dance floors and house parties.

Apart from the fresh forest setting, the people wearing animal costumes in the video made wearing animal costumes in Halloween or your grandma's birthday cool again.

In fact, I'm already deciding between the fox and the elephant for this year's Halloween getup.

No more vampires or The Matrix after this year.

Here's The Fox's beginning from Wikipedia:

The brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, members of the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis, produced the song and music video "The Fox" to promote the upcoming season of their television talkshow I kveld med YLVIS (Tonight with Ylvis) on TVNorge.

In an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, the brothers stated that the idea about a song about a fox was originally conceived in 2012, but then shelved.

Half a year later, in 2013, Bård and lyricist Christian Løchstøer began to play with the idea once again.

Vegard was initially skeptical about making a song about a fox, but soon relented.

In an interview with Billboard in the United States, Bård described the writing process for the song: "The way we work is we just sit around and talk about things and get ideas and take some notes.

I guess we must have been talking about what sound a fox makes. And then we had a chance to work with Stargate, a production company in New York City...

We actually did a favor for them and we asked them if they could produce a song for the new season in exchange".

Watch it on YouTube.

Me listening to The Foxin my room: