How McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Won Over the Pescetarian World

Unlike most of my fellas who swore to never get near any cigar or a bottle of whiskey for the New Year ever again, I simply gave up meat as a way to end 2013's toxic run.

For the second time, I became a Pescetarian.

I learned a lot about myself...
About how calm mentally and physically I become when I don't consume meat.

The joy of seafood and veggies was this awakening akin to Buddha to his Nirvana.

I gave up meat to maintain weight.

While I'm against animal cruelty and depleting our planet's natural resources, I believe we all play a part in the great circle of life.

At least it was dramatic when Mufasa tells the young Lion King Simba about the conscience that comes with devouring impala and them zebras.

And then I failed...
After 3 solid months of abstaining from the succulent reach of pork chops and herb chicken, I ceded to defeat.

Yes, my taste bud raved by the taste of meat, yet, my system starts to be toxic again.

I was hungry every 2 hours, hyper-acidity is off the charts, and I gained the weight back.

I got depressed and moody and sarcastic.
Between the 15 minute climax of eating meaty goodness and feeling like sh*t after and equally enjoying seafood with green vegetables and feeling great every after every meal, I'd choose the latter.

For 6 months I ate everything from pork chops to grilled chicken to quarter pounder burgers, I was at the top of the food chain.

Yes, higher than Anthony Bourdain could ever be.

That stint would eventually end on December 31.

It's been 34 days since I last tasted meat...
The good thing about failure is you're reminded of failure and its implications every time you're feeling like you're about to fail.

Temptations don't affect me anymore.

I've become stronger.

Watching videos and reading materials about the cruelty the livestock industry is experiencing made my resolve stronger than Batman not leaving the Justice League, because he's got no super powers.

The Batman feels a little out of place sometimes.

Startin on a new year is pretty powerful. It makes you wanna stick to it no matter what because damn: 2015 is gonna be SO far and by the time you get there, damages have already been done making the effort triple hard.

That's like an underfed Simba trying not to eat Pumbaa with Timon not around.

A great big news ... from McDonald's!
When my local fast food chain silently phased out the only dish a Pescetarian like me could order at its establishment (Bangus Belly with rice), I dropped the idea of sending the CEO a lengthy letter on how his company just alienated its senior citizen, health-conscious peeps, and alas Pescetarians like me out of its business.

I looked for an alternative and found out McDonald's is serving a fish burger called Filet-O-Fish.

The heavens have opened up...
While the idea of the easy access to a fish burger seemed great, I'm not new to allegations on how McDonald's gets its products from its sources.

Particularly, I'm no fan of it allegedly using mechanically separated chicken for its Chicken McNuggets.

Here's a snippet about the origins of the iconic Filet-O-Fish from

It was 1962. Lou Groen owned a McDonald's in predominantly Catholic Monfort Heights near Cincinnati, Ohio. During Lent, Catholics didn't eat meat on Friday, and Groen watched his customers flock to a nearby restaurant for a fish sandwich. 

So Groen, who was also Catholic, decided to create his own fish sandwich. He cut up halibut, dipped the pieces in batter and fried them. Groen was so happy with his sandwich that he traveled to Chicago and suggested that Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, add it to the menu. Kroc wasn't impressed. But Groen didn't give up. Finally Kroc, who founded McDonald's in 1955, made a wager. 

McDonald's would try out Groen's fish sandwich on the menu for Good Friday, as well as Kroc's own meatless creation (which he favored), called "The Hula Burger" (a slice of grilled pineapple with a slice of cheese heated on a bun). They would see which sandwich had the higher sales and that sandwich would be added to the menu. 

On Good Friday, Groen sold 350 of his fish sandwich. Kroc never said how many Hula Burgers he sold (one source says six). And by 1965, McDonald's Filet-O-Fish was perfected and added to menus. 

Today, customers eat more than 300 million of McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwiches each year and it's considered the world's best-selling fish sandwich.

Love at first bite...
Filet-O-Fish tasted bland at first. By the third bite, the tangy tartar sauce with cheese and the fish's subtlety tasted L-O-V-E.

A pure unadulterated kind of love. Rose Dawson could never! Partnering it with fries and iced coffee (I don't touch soda) kinda borders the love affair to obsessive affair.

It's just so good.