5 Reasons to Visit a Stormy Apo Island

Should I smile underwater or touch the turtle’s back, in spite of the risk of the picture angering animal rights activists, should it become viral? These thoughts didn’t last as the bus window showed a gray sky outside, halfway through Dumaguete City. A storm was coming.

Good thing I’m with hardcore travelers, and they seem to share the local guides’ downplaying of the conditions as totally normal. And off we sailed.

The wind and the waves didn’t wait for the pleasantries of introduction to linger, slapping us with biting coldness and dousing everyone with saltwater.

But don’t let this seemingly treacherous recollection deter you from experiencing Apo Island at its stormiest. Here are five reasons:

Why No One is Born a ‘Natural’

“You don’t have to worry,” I told myself, after winning the poster making contest in that year’s nutrition month celebration in elementary.

The one who won second place, just started getting into drawing recently. He used to watch us, the drawing kids’ club, scribbling nonsense doodles with spectacular result — though not something Picasso would be stressed over his grave.

Finally, he joined us with his paper and coloring set.

I watched him learn how to draw a woman’s nose, then a tree, and coloring those with improved shading and mixing. He can absorb and apply things fast. Really fast.

How Playing Ultimate Frisbee Restored my Faith in Humanity

Ultimate Frisbee Manila Philippines
Imagine your father is a gangster boss, instigating organized crimes in your locale and is feared by everyone. He also happens to be a Great White Shark.

If you’ve watched Shark Tale, there will be times when Lenny’s struggles of being a vegetarian shark will get to you, because life had also put you in a little box called stereotyping.

It happened to me, too.

“He’s tall, but couldn’t even play basketball,” said my classmate back in high school, ensuing laughter in the room.