Becoming a Minimalist

I gave my iPhone to my sister for safe keeping. She lives several streets from my place.

Before sending it over to her, I've deactivated from FaceBook and permanently deleted my personal Instagram and Swarm profiles.

I've realized, most of my time had been spent being exposed to what other people have been doing with their lives.

Nothing wrong with that, but social media has been delaying me from what I'm supposed to be doing: restarting that novel.

The plan was to enjoy, the present times, with breakfast buffets, occasional travels, dining out with friends, shopping and all the comforts the urban scenery has to offer.

When I get saturated with these, I'll do the writing.

I was deluded.

Deluded of the time I cannot control.

My parents are getting older, friends getting fatter and my siblings going their separate ways. There's no delaying of the inevitable.

4 Things I Discovered on the Day I Stopped Chasing 'Cool'

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”
―Cormac McCarthy

The greatest struggle I've had 15 years ago was trying to find that one area where I truly belong. For someone growing up with no key talent or gift, I longed to make my mark in the world, just like everyone else.

Unfortunately for my innocent mind, being cool was thought to be the only way to get the universe acknowledge your pathetic existence.

And so, my personal quest to achieve cool status began.

Boy, it was ugly.

Eventually, I got over it. But the lessons stay forever.

More so, the self-discoveries. Here are four of them:

Cool is an association with wanting something you don't have
Back when I was a kid, my definition of cool is being privileged.

While my family is neither rich nor poor, at an early age, I could tell the difference what access to the good life have had on the privileged ones.

They simply looked cleaner in their new clothes and shoes, they're so well-behaved in public and they speak a second language, which by the way, was English.

To be able to speak English was a dream for kids of my demographic.

10 Signs You Might Be a Cold-Blooded Hater

The most successful people in history had been haters. Napoleon, Margareth Thatcher, Steve Jobs, Homer Simpson. These people hated mediocrity, dogma and the 'good enough' epidemic that has been plaguing mankind since the introduction of Times New Roman. So, first and foremost, what defines being a hater?

Hater (noun) - a person who despises sh*tty standards. Tweet this
Hating (present participle) - that moment when someone uses the Arial font.
Hate (verb) - feel a negative emotional reaction to anything sh*tty.

OK, that was rude but I'm gonna keep it 100%.

Haters have high standards
Don't mistake those who are bitter with those who are haters. That friend who seemed to be negative on everyone who is happy, who got a promotion or has a new shiny gadget? That is someone who is bitter. Someone who got stuck in 'wishing' and didn't do any 'doing' to get what they desire in life. This person is just plain lazy.