If You Want Results, Go to the Gym Alone

For beginners, a gym buddy is a necessity, as it is scary to be delving into this new world alone. Through discipline and slacking they will pursue. And win.

It was a ticking bomb.

Here's how it goes: a group of friends enroll in the gym, and like watching The Hunger Games, their number decreases with each passing week, when everyone gets accustomed to killing, until only one survives.

In this case, until the one left reaps the benefits of his weight goal success. And so begins the animosity.

Confessions of a Miserable ‘Traveler’

Someone forgot to hide the pictures from me in FaceBook, and I was told, at last, I wasn’t invited because the other fellas said I was too ‘delicate’ and ‘touristy’ for such a cowboy-themed overnight stay, in one of Cebu’s majestic South-bound beaches.

That was two years ago and being dismissed as a ‘tourist’ still inflicts its pain up to this day.

An infographic about travelers vs tourists had gone viral a few months ago. See here.

The immediate winner, the ‘travelers,’ were having a field, as those who submissively identify as ‘tourists,’ silently scrolled past the persecution, thinking of new ways on how to post less ‘touristy’ travel pics next time, because it’s not cool.

I Climbed Stairs for 6 Months

“I am hardworking and a team player,” the girl in a black blazer said with such conviction. She was waiting for this interview.

I had a feeling the person on the phone pretends he's found her 'strengths' interesting. They were not very original nor creative.

Hurrying my pace to the 11th floor (where my office sat), I left the 9th floor not wanting to hear her struggle next in making her ‘weakness’ sound as a positive.

For me, her weakness would be the lack of stealth.