The Real Meaning of Birthday According to Merriam-Webster

Birthday is defined as; a. the day when someone was born or the anniversary of that day; b. the day when something began.

The latter struck a chord in my melancholy-heavy heart. I view birthdays as special for the reason I was the fastest of all sperm cells to reach the outside world. Mother Nature has chosen me and my existence has began. But am I just another 'something' waiting to just exist? Looking back and with a smile, I think I'm gonna be that someone who lived.

Before I get lost in this guest-speaker-at-your-niece's-graduation reminiscing, it has become a habit of mine to look back just to get a sense of how far I've come. And in times of winning, to keep my feet on the ground. I'm an air sign and if left unchecked, I sometimes act like Avatar Aang.

It's my birthday, so let me preach about these five things today:

My Perceived Weakness Has Been My Greatest Strength
In the adult world, the fear of contamination prevented me to have any 'contact' with anyone. First of all, I disclaim purity of mind, body and soul. I am a dirty-minded myself and have many ideas the adult entertainment industry would kill to hear (for business proposals, please check About). But when it comes to the physical, the fear is just too strong. Does it bother me? Yes, it used to.

15 Things Only Prepaid Subscribers Will Understand

Like countless prepaid subscribers in this country, I hate receiving texts especially when they're from marketers who are left with ZERO dignity in doing such a monstrous act. Aside from the unnecessary nuisances, it is time consuming deleting spam messages in the inbox.

Being a prepaid subscriber has its pros and cons. These are the other things that only this highly-sought-after-by-vulture-marketers group will understand:

1. When you discovered there's actually a thing such as a post-paid plan.
What is that? Like a post-workout meal?

Running 15k in Gaisano Country Mall’s 21st Anniversary Run is SCARY (And Why I Will Do It)

I was cut from the running world for two months due to an injury that left me with no choice but to turn myself over for hospital arrest. Man, the depression was unreal. I went to food and watching cat videos for therapy. The former made the depression worse because as soon as the momentary joy of eating is over, the weight gain made life too heavy to carry. It's like Titanic sinking with no survivors. Not even Rose.

Unlike the sorry state of the wrecked ship, injuries heal like spring blossoming from the biting winter. The first thing I did was I thanked God for not taking my self-death wishes seriously or during bearable times, making all my friends fat. I put on my shoes and it was amazing to be back on the running track again.

But I realized
Going back to just running seemed like an unworthy way of celebrating my triumphant return to doing the only thing that brings meaning to life. There has got to be something more symbolic. I was passing by Gaisano Country Mall (going to Cebu IT Park) when this huge tarpaulin announcing the mall's 21st Anniversary Run and a raging 13C jeepney made me stop and think.