5 Lessons Attending a Beginner's Yoga Has Taught Me

I've wanted to try yoga for years now owing to the many positive reviews of it relieving pain from injury and cleansing the mind of the negative, but my former city doesn't have many yoga hubs and if it does, fees are at a premium. Transferring to Cebu changed that and last night was my first taste of beginner's Yoga. I don’t know about them but after an hour of doing it I thought, "Since when did Merriam-Webster change the meaning of the word beginner's?" It was all but 'beginner's.'

Apart from satiating my long overdue Yoga curiosity, I left the hub with these 5 precious learnings.

Trying is better than dreaming
80% of success is showing up - Woody Allen

A week before I and some office mates decided on this Yoga hub we'll be attending to next week I was having doubts if I really wanted to do it. For one thing, I've long dismissed Yoga as a girl's workout. No offense. For another, I'd rather do anabolic exercise to pack on some muscles. After all, I have running, gym, and occasional swimming to keep me in shape. But then this thought of trying-yoga-for-back-pain have been in the making for years (I have this back pain for a while now). Also, I would dearly regret it if I'd let it pass given the access I have now (which I used to dream before).

5 Signs You're Not Ready (Yet) for a New Relationship

So you feel the glorifying thought of moving on when your FB stats get raves of congratulatory reviews and countless likes. But as soon as the last flicker of LED light in your laptop goes dark, the euphoria changes to something raw, unmasked, and heavy: breakups are painful. The pain gets stronger when the audience has left and the mind dwells on it like an intimate Oprah interview.

Nothing wrong with it, really. After all, you don't wanna lose more people should you decide to go an extra mile of showing how you truly feel. So we deal with it, keeping the blood and the carcass of the battle in the back door. Here's a sad reality of life: people don't really give a damn if you're happy, they just don't wanna take part in the negativity should it extend.

We have lived this life thinking it's the person and not the relationship so we instinctively look for a replacement. But take heed of these 5 signs before you decide a new one should help you move on.

You still have the same issues
Petty as it seems, but stuff like being late, having a bad breath, or being very critical of things contribute big to failing relationships. If you still don't plan on addressing them after a breakup, there's a big risk of a recurrence next time. These stuff are called basics and fundamentally most of us view them as 'problems' no matter who the person is.

To Follow in the Footsteps of These People I'm Currently Very Jealous Of

Every day is so wonderful. I wake up, scream at myself in the mirror (before taking a bath), check my social media channels and then go to work. I run during the evening, eat my fish and veggie diet around 7 and watch TV sitcoms until I call it a day. When will you?

But then on the eve of my 28th birthday my heart sank: I am doing absolutely nothing holistic with my life. Like NOTHING at all. Before my 20s I was a hungry horny monster ready to take on life with the plan of fulfilling my destiny before my 30s. It didn’t happen.

As though it wasn’t enough, the trio you're about to meet brings me panic and euphoria at the same time. Panic because they’ve reached their goal before or in their 30s. I ain’t getting any younger. Euphoria as the thought of them making it in their respective fields kept me sane and focused.

So yes, it’s like giving birth to twins simultaneously!

Karsten Knight
It’s refreshing to see male authors tackling the YA fantasy genre with such conviction Stephanie Meyer and the horde of fan girls around the world should find no problem relating to. His novel Wildefire is about this Polynesian volcano demigod Ashline Wildefire transferring to this secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California's redwood forests. There she finds there are other demigods like her. For us readers, this spells adventure, trouble, and raging hormones demigod-style.