4 Things a Monthlong FaceBook Detox Will Make You Realize

The sad thing about discovering things and eventually falling in love with them is you’ll burn out and would soon find yourself listening to Damien Rice records – it’s a hard battle trying to recapture the spark that once ignited such connection. This happened to me and FaceBook last July.

I woke up one miserable morning, screaming, and suddenly felt burned-out from all the status updates, trashing, and cat pictures my newsfeed had been showing me in FaceBook.
When I started using FaceBook back in ( I can’t really recall, late 2007 maybe?) I knew the platform would eventually take over the world because it didn't have Friendster’s “Who’s Viewed Me” feature. It is simply too constricting. For instance, I want to check this person without them knowing I did check their profile (not until I'm sure they ain't psycho or posers and clicking 'Add as Friend' would feel instantaneous), because let's get real here: getting caught stalking back then is tantamount to shoplifting with your face not hidden from them CCTVs. It is mild but equally humiliating.

And so networking growth had been sluggish and your real-life friends are mostly your Friendster friends.


The 4 'No Mores' of Living the Single's Life Back

It's been almost a year since I've broken free of the shackles 'relationships' have put upon my fragile body. Nothing could be uglier than losing the only thing you thought could finally make you feel something and fearing, night and day, the debris of the destruction aka 'Can I go back to the life I used to have?'

The experience was a real eye-opener for me, and it made me appreciate the lifestyle I've had for the long time more than ever. While I've suffered emotions I haven't dealt with before, I am grateful for the maturity it caused me. Peter Pan, finally, grew some beard.

A year after, it's funny how those fears didn't really materialize. I was, since the dawn of the dinosaurs, an introverted individual who is content and happy with discovering life in a lone wolf’s way. Now that I'm free and is breathing onto life one inhale at a time, these 4 'No Mores' are again finally making me whole and peaceful:

Emotional Stress
I used to only stress about people spitting in public or my finances not keeping up with the level of seafood intake I need to take. Having a relationship with a goal to meet halfway of any situation brought these emotional stress I was not really ready to experience and quite frankly I don't really need.

On How to Attract and Maintain Quality Friends Lately

Friends are curious little beasties. For one thing, they know more about you more than your family does. For another, the best experiences in life are often spent with them. Who were with you when you lit your first cigarette, shared your first kiss experience, or watched your first porn? With them, freedom is the best feeling ever, next to the countless laughs you've spent together.

Those were the good old days though...

As soon as the gas ran its course (usually in our mid-20s), we realize the only thing we could depend on is our family. With age comes experiences, success, and the thirst to get the best out of life. Then people around us started to change, and you've changed. The inevitable has come.

These days, it's not about what you know, it's who you know. It took me years for me to fully realize what this notion truly meant. In today's overtly competitive world, the best connections often come from who we know. Before we get to know someone, we need to be friends with them first. Here are 5 simple but equally powerful ways.

Be interesting
Nobody wants to be friends with someone boring. And I mean NOBODY. There are far too many exciting personalities to be around with someone who's got nothing to offer but their boring existence.

The easiest way to be interesting is by playing to your strength. List 5 things you think you're very good at, make some noise about it (blast it to your social media networks), and consistently improve how you present them to the public. Your new friends will visit them and there you will be judged. Prepare for the worst, hope for the very best.

Boring should not to be mistaken with tepidness or those with a few-words-for-answer style. It's someone who agrees with everything you say. In short, they exist solely to become somebody's side kick.