I Almost Died Gagging at Masungi Georeserve

You’ve read horror stories of beautiful destinations being opened to the public and ending in disaster as the influx of people got out of control.

Apparently, someone in Masungi Georeserve is into horror stories, taking notes on how to avoid similar pitfall: unlike other destinations where you pay and get to experience them right way, Masungi needs reservations a few weeks ahead of the visit.

Doing so is a great strategy and makes Masungi very desirable. For one thing, it screams of exclusivity. For another, limiting access to it strikes balance between conservation and sustainable tourism.

If I could describe our visit at Masungi Georeserve in five words, it would be Reserve. Your. Damn. Slots. Now.

Almost There: Don’t Cut Your Long Hair

I grew my hair long because I wanted to look cool. There was no other explanation behind it.

But if I can provide another one, it would be that no single haircut experience had been pleasant. I don’t always get the look I was aiming for.

It’s been a year and a half since my last salon visit. Life has been peaceful.

Apart from the liberation from bad haircut experiences, here are five reasons every dude should grow their hair long at least once in their life:

5 Reasons to Visit a Stormy Apo Island

Should I smile underwater or touch the turtle’s back, in spite of the risk of the picture angering animal rights activists, should it become viral? These thoughts didn’t last as the bus window showed a gray sky outside, halfway through Dumaguete City. A storm was coming.

Good thing I’m with hardcore travelers, and they seem to share the local guides’ downplaying of the conditions as totally normal. And off we sailed.

The wind and the waves didn’t wait for the pleasantries of introduction to linger, slapping us with biting coldness and dousing everyone with saltwater.

But don’t let this seemingly treacherous recollection deter you from experiencing Apo Island at its stormiest. Here are five reasons: