3 Simple Photography Fixes To Make Your Pictures Look 'Bearable' in FaceBook

They do, rude awakenings, sting. Turned out my self-delusion of artistry was just a delusion, a mask against the painful truth of the fear that maybe everything I've stood up for is mediocre, average. So when the 3-month summer photography class concluded via a contest, I was depressed for days, maybe even weeks, not because I didn't score any notable mentions, but because my worse fear came in like a wrecking ball: photography was not the way to fulfilment. I have to start from scratch all over again.

Just kidding.

I was a newbie back then so it was understandable that I won't be getting awards. I was there to learn, to understand the complexities of a DLSR camera and to forge bonds with fellow photography enthusiasts. Really.

The urge to be lazy is strong, but since you are a person of exquisite standard and taste you will install PS Express to usher a new era of artistic awakening and people pleasing by applying easy and quick enhancements to your future social media posts.

PS Express is Adobe Photoshop's mobile application version. Clean, intuitive and powerful, the app's easy-to-use interface and minimalism won't overwhelm.

No. Your raw camera shots ain't good enough. Your friends (and haters) won't care if you took those pictures with your spanking new iPhone 4S or Samsung S2: They just want to look at something pleasant. Dark shots are and will never be pleasant.

4 Things to Do When the 'World' Seems to Ignore You

We've all been there, chasing this person for reasons bordering between satiating the ego and attending to the many curiosities that are actually our own doing and not the other person's. May it be friendship or romance, the thirst to feel something by making the other person react to our presence is completely normal. To be accepted has always been mankind's greatest motivation. So as bouncing back from pain and the feeling of worthlessness.

People, in the end, will learn to let go. It’s not because they have truly moved on (it's impossible), but because it's the only option with time as the biggest contributing factor; it is a great negotiator and memory, as strong as it is in the beginning, will bow down to it, eventually.

Overload the system
Or rather your brain. Stalk that person like your life depended on it. Curiosity fuels attraction, attraction fuels us to do stupid things like <insert your dirtiest thoughts here> or totally mundane stuff like supporting that person's environmental cause in FaceBook and irking all your friends to follow suit.

I'm Thinking of Snubbing this Year's Best Cebu Blog Awards

No. This isn't a click bait-titled post designed to lure in those who secretly hate the organization but were too coward to come out in the open because as soon as they do, they'll be bulldozed by the organization's supporters who'll likely be commenting as Anonymous in the safety of their rent-to-own residences. The thing is, it's been my 3rd try now and my fighting spirit is slowly feeling the strain. But will I give up? Definitely not.

After the disastrous first try back in 2012, in which the email needing a confirmation from the award-giving body went to my spam folder (discovered it on the day before the awarding. The RAGE.), and the not-so-lucky second attempt last year (won 2nd place in the Most Popular Blogger segment, but everybody knows it's a vanity award and winning in the niche category is the real deal), I have constantly improved on how my blog would look like and whether the content has had enough hating and trashing in them.

Here are 3 thoughts on this boring subject and why you should give yourself a chance at redemption by reading them:

Competition brings out the worst in us
But who will gain the most in the end? The readers. That when they go to your blog they will find the information they're looking for, that when they see how you delicately presented image and content they will be delighted, too, to experience what you've experienced, may it be travel, food, this charity event, etc etc. And lastly, that when they go to your blog, they will bookmark it because yours is their new favourite site before they work or whenever their DSL provider gives them decent connection.