5 Signs It's Time to Let the 'Friendship' Go

Back when I was a poor, ugly, and untalented kid lurking in the shadows and being envious of all the popular kids in school, I wished nothing more than making friends with them. I resorted to being the laughing stock, gossiping, and even become everyone's personal attendant. Anything, just for me to be accepted as equal. Finally they did, but it felt so wrong because I was pleasing them and was holding myself back. And my self-worth sank to an all-time low. Mariana Trench who?

In a shocking twist of event, I woke up one day (sophomore days) and got sick of the thought of yet another day pretending to like everyone and their flea-infested pets.


From that day on, I swore to never abandon myself again just to be liked. It was terribly hard in the beginning, but I was alright. And happier.

Fast forward to today and I am still obsessed with making friends, though I approach it with caution and finesse this time. And so, when these hard-earned relationships suddenly end, I take them really hard. Like going-through-a-depression hard. But when these signs appear in the horizon, I know it's time to let go.

It Seeks Beyond Friendship
How many precious last-a-lifetime friendships could have it been if some people kept their boundaries and not take advantage of the passes the friendship has given them? I don't care if you can't fight 'it' anymore or you can't stop thinking about the other person, or the person was so sweet and caring you can't help but to fall in love with them. Don't treat friendship as some pre-Valentine rat lab!

3 Harsh Realities That Will Make You a Better, Stronger Person

What was your 2014 theme? Some of my friends' were about travelling more, quitting their God-awful jobs, getting a pet; others went as far as abstaining from posting selfies and having less sex. I've lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes. It was fun to trash on them, dismissing them as shallow problems stemming out from the too much pleasing of their own private public. Mine was about letting go. Did people dismiss it, too, as something shallow? I bet they did. I ain't mad.

I've accepted people are too self-centred to even genuinely care. This makes social networking colourful and bland at the same time. Here are 3 more realities, as harsh as they seem to be, to slap you some sense. Daydreaming's due.

Be Someone You're Not Before You Can Be 'You'
Don't take it literally, the 'Be yourself' advice whenever you're confused on how to act to certain situations. Most of the time, that friend or person got overwhelmed of your panicking and giving that advice seemed to be the best way to shut you up. It means to choose, when worst comes to worst, the best POV of the people and their personalities you’ve come to know in order to get out of that situation in a positive light.

3 Simple Photography Fixes To Make Your Pictures Look 'Bearable' in FaceBook

They do, rude awakenings, sting. Turned out my self-delusion of artistry was just a delusion, a mask against the painful truth of the fear that maybe everything I've stood up for is mediocre, average. So when the 3-month summer photography class concluded via a contest, I was depressed for days, maybe even weeks, not because I didn't score any notable mentions, but because my worse fear came in like a wrecking ball: photography was not the way to fulfilment. I have to start from scratch all over again.

Just kidding.

I was a newbie back then so it was understandable that I won't be getting awards. I was there to learn, to understand the complexities of a DLSR camera and to forge bonds with fellow photography enthusiasts. Really.

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