How Playing Ultimate Frisbee Restored my Faith in Humanity

Ultimate Frisbee Manila Philippines
Imagine your father is a gangster boss, instigating organized crimes in your locale and is feared by everyone. He also happens to be a Great White Shark.

If you’ve watched Shark Tale, there will be times when Lenny’s struggles of being a vegetarian shark will get to you, because life had also put you in a little box called stereotyping.

It happened to me, too.

“He’s tall, but couldn’t even play basketball,” said my classmate back in high school, ensuing laughter in the room.

Confessions of a Miserable ‘Traveler’

Someone forgot to hide the pictures from me in FaceBook, and I was told, at last, I wasn’t invited because the other fellas said I was too ‘delicate’ and ‘touristy’ for such a cowboy-themed overnight stay, in one of Cebu’s majestic South-bound beaches.

That was two years ago and being dismissed as a ‘tourist’ still inflicts its pain up to this day.

An infographic about travelers vs tourists had gone viral a few months ago. See here.

The immediate winner, the ‘travelers,’ were having a field, as those who submissively identify as ‘tourists,’ silently scrolled past the persecution, thinking of new ways on how to post less ‘touristy’ travel pics next time, because it’s not cool.

I Climbed Stairs for 6 Months

“I am hardworking and a team player,” the girl in a black blazer said with such conviction. She was waiting for this interview.

I had a feeling the person on the phone pretends he's found her 'strengths' interesting. They were not very original nor creative.

Hurrying my pace to the 11th floor (where my office sat), I left the 9th floor not wanting to hear her struggle next in making her ‘weakness’ sound as a positive.

For me, her weakness would be the lack of stealth.