My Ugly Breakup With Coffee

The pinching on my left lower abdomen didn’t feel like the tolerable ones I used to flush with a glass of water to disappear. Half a gallon later, and the throbbing sensation did not only worsen, but I am going to die.

I usually have a cup of black coffee in the morning, and it would be my only caffeine serving for the day.

But, there was something about that day that steered away from routine; I had my usual cup of black coffee—an hour later, had a grande Starbucks Americano with extra shot of espresso.

Long story short, I had duodenal gastric acidity.

The Wisdom of Surfing

Surfing isn’t my thing.

No palpitation nor an urge to check tour packages online when I see the exhilarating look on my friends’ faces while they ride (and struggle) on their surf boards.

I’m glad for them.

After all, the world is on the brink of destruction and they will be the last generation to experience the waves without the trash.

Intermittent Fasting: A Year Later

Before Intermittent Fasting, I’ve had these fears:

1. You’ll get ulcer

With nothing to digest, the hydrochloric acid (the body’s super blender) will digest your stomach instead.

2. You’ll get hungry and irritable

Whether you’re working, studying or plain babysitting, being hungry and irritable is the very last situation you want to be in.

3. You will faint

With no food intake for hours, your system will panic resulting to fainting.

4. You just couldn’t do it

All your life, you’ve been eating thrice a day, and this intermittent fasting requires you to cut a meal or two.