No More "Good Luck" Living with a Black Cat

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2019 was the worst year for me.



My professional life was in disarray. Gained a lot of weight. Lost friends. Finances in shambles. Mental state barely keeping up.


In short, it was not my lucky year.


And I didn’t have a black cat back then.

I Was Nowhere Before I Found Minimalism

“You free?”

It was in the dead of the night, and a friend messaged he needed company.

Naturally, I rushed to meet him.

While we talked, I couldn’t help but feel irritated; he kept on checking his phone and would momentarily ignore me.

I sat in silence, appalled, as I know this person has been usually sensitive. And attentive.

My Ugly Breakup With Coffee

The pinching on my left lower abdomen didn’t feel like the tolerable ones I used to flush with a glass of water to disappear. Half a gallon later, and the throbbing sensation did not only worsen, but I am going to die.

I usually have a cup of black coffee in the morning, and it would be my only caffeine serving for the day.

But, there was something about that day that steered away from routine; I had my usual cup of black coffee—an hour later, had a grande Starbucks Americano with extra shot of espresso.

Long story short, I had duodenal gastric acidity.