You Might Be a Cold-Blooded Hater

The most successful people in history had been haters; Napoleon, Margareth Thatcher, Steve Jobs, Homer Simpson.

These people hated mediocrity, dogma and the ‘good enough’ epidemic that has been plaguing mankind since the introduction of Times New Roman.

So, first and foremost, what defines being a hater?

Hater (noun) - a person who despises shitty standards.
Hating (present progressive) - when someone uses the Arial font.
Hate (verb) - feel a negative emotional reaction to anything shitty.

Here are other qualities that make haters such rarities:

Haters have high standards
Don’t mistake those who are bitter with those who are haters.

That friend who seemed to be negative on everyone who is happy, who got a promotion or has a new shiny gadget? That is someone who is bitter.

Someone who got stuck in ‘wishing’ and didn’t do any ‘doing’ to get what they desire in life. This person is just plain lazy.

A hater is someone who knows his worth and is exposed to many ideas, culture and arts. This exposure has led him to be who he is. 

But he’s never delusional: if great things can happen to other people, because they’ve set themselves to upholding high standards, they can happen to him, too.

Haters have guts
They’ve had it with people, who basically say yes, to anything basic presented to them and to those who present it.

That shitty teaching method back in high school, the God-awful food in the cafeteria, the obnoxious product tag line, etc.

Things could have been better and haters will not sit there and let them pass. They will point out how shitty things are turning to be no matter who the opposition is, all for the love of the craft.

Haters care
One of my biggest inspirations, Apple’s Jony Ive, spent eight months perfecting the iMac’s stand, which had been inspired from the stalk of a daisy.

Even with the mounting pressure on delay and production, he went to great lengths to releasing a sturdy and beautifully crafted product.

He was a hater and he didn’t care for the external noises, because he cared for the people who he thinks deserve great products.

Haters keep it real
We have that one friend who is brutally honest and sometimes say hurtful things to us when things, which are supposedly under our control, get out of control.

And yet, we can’t totally hate on him because when things settle down, we improve and we get better, a lot.

His keeping it real with you has led for the change to finally happen.

Haters get respected
With all the trouble a hater faces head on for hating on lying politicians, poor design choices, bogus fitness enthusiasts and humble braggers, one couldn’t help but respect those who hate passionately, in order to keep things real, and to prevent social vampires from sucking the blood out of those who are untrained to see through the bull.

At the end of the day, haters don’t do it to be respected. They do it because they hate.

Haters get things done
Those who rise fast on the ladder of the corporate world usually has one trait in common: hating.

New professionals, especially Millennials, often have this notion they come to work to be treated like royals, because they’re special and someday will change the world, protecting them from the harsh realities of being in the corporate world.

It’s not gonna happen.

Corporate-dwelling haters will make you fear for your professional life the moment you get complacent, lazy or too demanding. 

They get things done because of that, and that’s why in every corporate setting, there’s a hater to keep the company growing.

Haters are patient
Only when they see great potential in things or people.

They spot it by being patient.

They know great things are never rushed, and will be patient until things fall in their rightful places.

Haters have a purpose
It’s not hating for rampant hating’s sake. Each hating, each loathing has a purpose in mind: to get the best in everything that concerns them.

Treat hating like the pinnacle of quality testing.

Haters seek the best because it actually can be done. They know hating is the only way to make people get out of their rut.

Haters choose their battles well
To quote the legendary Mufasa, who paved way for lions to be able to sing in theaters without freaking people out, ‘‘I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.’’

Haters, also, choose when to be brave in their chosen battles.

There will be instances when they won’t say a thing even when more than three colors were used on a logo, the shrimp kebab tasted like shit or the dancers weren’t rehearsed enough.

Has this hater become inconsistent or had succumb to pressure?
Fear not.

Haters will only hate on things they are passionate about. There’s no middle ground for these exquisite animals: it’s hate or nothing.