Beginner’s Yoga

I’ve been wanting to try yoga for years now, owing to the many positive reviews of it relieving pain from injury and cleansing the mind of the negative. Unfortunately, my former city doesn’t have many yoga hubs and if it does, fees are at a premium.

Transferring to Cebu changed that and last night was my first taste of beginner’s Yoga.

I don’t know about them, but after an hour of doing it I thought, ‘Since when did Merriam-Webster change the meaning of the word ‘beginner?’

It was everything but ‘beginner’s.’

Apart from satiating my long overdue Yoga curiosity, I left the hub with these five precious learning.

Trying is better than wishing
80% of success is showing up - Woody Allen

A week before I and friends decided to check on this Yoga hub, I was having doubts if I really wanted to do it. For one thing, I’ve long dismissed Yoga as a girl’s workout. No offense. For another, I’d rather do anabolic exercise to pack on some muscles.

But this thought of trying-yoga-to-relieve-back-pain have been in the making for years now (I’ve been suffering from this back pain for weeks now). I would dearly regret it if I’d let it pass, given the access I have now (which I used to dream of before).

Throwing every negative thought out of the window, I showed up and went with the flow.

An hour later, I was proud of myself for not only surviving yoga in complete pieces, but pushing on with the quest to try it for myself, and to judge it based on experience and not on some preconceived thoughts.

Never underestimate yourself
The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Nelson Mandela

So while I was being tough on the exterior spreading out that yoga mat and sipping on some lemon grass water, I worry I couldn’t keep up with the rest as soon as the session starts.

Not wanting to crumble under the pressure of being left behind by the girls, I bent, breathed and broke into poses like a real first timer does: I stumbled with balancing, struggled with back stretches and gasped for air during my favorite stance, the child’s pose - the resting pose in yoga that is.

I finished the session with this new found respect for the human race.

Not all pain is painful
Tough times never last, but tough people do - Robert Schuller

The pain from my first time of doing Wushu, gym, or running couldn’t compare with the agony of my first ever yoga session. The exercises went beyond my limit and every muscle in my body was stimulated. Even with just the stretching I thought I would lose oxygen and would black out.

Breathing was the key. You know you’re doing it wrong when you’re breathing from the mouth. While every system in my body was screaming for me to stop, I kept on pushing on.

Yoga sessions are fast and you don’t wanna be losing rhythm resting it out. And gradually, I was pushing past the pain, gaining flexibility and, eventually, healing.

Really, no pain, no glory.

Peace starts inside us
Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have - Doris Mortman

The last part of the session was all of us lying on the floor, face to the ceiling and eyes closed. Music was playing and my blood was rushing back to its normal pace, my muscles relaxing at last.

I was drenched by sweat from head to toe, but didn’t feel any discomfort, for the mind and body waltz in a tune of heavenly peace.

Don’t know exactly how to describe it, but all of my bitterness, rages, malice and grudges to the world were gone. There is so much more to life than plotting revenge, cruel intentions or materialism.

Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn - Charlie Sheen

If there’s one thing the yoga session had taught me it is humility.

I’ve never underestimated yoga as a whole, but will admit I looked down upon it, dismissing it as a vanity affair for people too lazy to do proper exercises, like going to the gym or running.

Today, I have mad respect for those who are doing yoga.

Again, it’s more than just stretching. It’s a dance between the mind and the body. It’s not comfortable in the beginning, but you’ll get past it, as you become this new person of refreshing candor.
Now is the time to try yoga. Throw away all your inhibitions, what-ifs and what people might say. Yoga will become one of those addicting things you will happily do every single time.

Do it!